Jewelry Watches, a Guide for Buying the Right One

Wristwatches used to be considered a family heirloom at one point in time. They were passed down from father to son, and from grandpa to grandson, among other generations. A person could only own one pair of watches in his or her lifetime, and he or she wore it to ensure that he or she knew what time it was.

Almost everything has altered since the introduction of mobile phones. In recent years, wristwatches have progressed to become a piece of jewellery that may be as diverse in style as other items of jewellery: athletic or casual, large or little, exquisite or rough. When selecting, it is essential to consider not only their physical appearance, but also a number of fundamental characteristics.

Jewelery watches

Housing material

It is actually referred to be jewellery when it is created with the usage of precious metals and stones. The majority of the time, this is in reference to the product’s body. The hands are moved independently at the watch manufacture, which is why they are so expensive.

The body is made:

  • from gold 585 or 750;
  • silver;
  • platinum;
  • titanium

Each of the alternatives has its own set of benefits and drawbacks to consider. Even though a gold case is regarded traditional, a damaged gold case will rapidly become unattractive. Products made of platinum are more durable, but they are also more expensive, thus they can only be found in high-end companies with a high level of prestige. Titanium and stainless steel are the most common materials since they are robust, durable, and reasonably priced.

jewelry watches - housing materials


Jewelry watches may be classified into the following categories based on the mechanism’s operating principle:

  • mechanical;
  • quartz

Mechanical watches are regarded to be more distinguished than quartz watches. They are more accurate than quartz clocks, and some of their variations have more advanced functionality than others. Mechanical timepieces are separated into two subcategories:

  • Self-winding – the hands are propelled by a spring that is activated when the wearer walks;
  • Hand-wound means that the mechanism must be wound manually on a daily basis, generally once.

Quartz watches are a good value since they are economical, accurate, and simple to repair. In today’s world, this form of mechanism is the most often used.



Watches may be used for more than just telling the time. They can also be used for adornment. Some of them are capable of far more:

  • count seconds;
  • time periods that are either continuous or intermittent;
  • serve as an alarm clock in its own right
  • display the time in many time zones at the same time;
  • the moon’s phases will be demonstrated
  • identify the product’s power reserve or service life in hours or days

These functions are available not just in “smart” watches with a liquid crystal display, but also in a large number of analogue timepieces.

watch functionality

Care rules

Wristwatches, like any other piece of jewellery, should be handled with care. During normal wear, dirt, dust, and sebum particles can collect on them, necessitating the need to clean them on a regular basis. The best way to clean a water-resistant watch is using a moist cloth soaked with a detergent solution. If the strap is not composed of metal, it is possible that it will corrode if exposed to water.

There is no need to test the water resistance of your watch if the manufacturer does not specify a rating when you purchase it. If it is still water-resistant, be sure to double-check the locking of the crowns and case before plunging into the water. Make care to promptly wash your watch in fresh water if it has been exposed to salt water.


If you see any cracks or scratches, you should contact the workshop right once because even the tiniest damage can have a negative impact on the precision of the movement. Only a qualified jeweller or watchmaker should disassemble a timepiece for the purpose of repair or examination. Change the battery as soon as possible since a discharged battery might leak or cause corrosion.

Things to look for while buying Jewelry watches.

Jewelry watches are works of art that showcase creativity and workmanship, and the choice to acquire one holds a significant amount of significance. Many people regard purchasing their first piece of functional art to be a rite of passage, which frequently leads to a lifelong passion for collecting these utilitarian pieces of art. Finding the right place to begin is essential whether you are a connoisseur adding to an existing collection, acquiring your first timepiece, or searching for a special present for a loved one.

buying jewelry watches

Identify your watch desires

Even while many of today’s designers are at the pinnacle of their profession in terms of high-quality workmanship and precision, they also provide a wide range of designs with a diverse range of features and difficulties. Watches are generally chosen by women for their aesthetic appeal, however for men, watches are not only the most socially acceptable accessory, but they also include useful features that make life simpler. Before you begin your search for a watch, make a list of the characteristics you are searching for in order to limit down your options.

Look at your life and the occasion

What you want to perform while wearing your watch will influence the type of timepiece you should select for yourself. Take into consideration any clothing codes that may have an influence on your selection. An office watch, for example, should have more refined elements, such as a leather or metal band, but an outdoor watch, which would be worn in the great outdoors, will likely have water resistance and be constructed of robust materials, such as a rubber or canvas band. Depending on the situation, additional complications may be required, such as a dual time zone function for foreign travelers or a chronograph for sports aficionados.

Choose your watch movement

The movement of a watch is a fundamental decision that has a significant influence. If you’re searching for a low-maintenance timepiece at an affordable price, a quartz movement is a good choice. Battery-powered, this type is well-known for being exceptionally precise, provided that the battery is changed on a regular basis. Mechanical movements are more common in jewelry watches, and watch connoisseurs tend to favor them over quartz movements. They are available in two varieties: manual (which requires frequent winding by hand) and automated (self-winding).

Buy a jewelry watch from an authorized retailer

It is just as essential where you purchase your watch as it is what watch you purchase. Make sure you are shopping through an approved store to verify that you are purchasing legitimate merchandise and receiving the benefits that come with it. When you make a purchase from a reputable store, your relationship is just getting started. In the event that something goes wrong, these merchants can uphold the terms of warranties and function as a liaison between you and the designer, arranging for servicing, replacement components, and repairs as necessary.

buy from authorized retailer

Jewelry Watches, a Guide for Buying the Right One

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