A Complete Birthstone Guide

Since the beginning of time, man has been drawn to fine and valuable stones. Some are thought to be supernatural, while others are utilized as lucky charms. Each has distinct characteristics. Birthstones were created with the idea of compatibility with each sign of the zodiac in mind.

As a result, each month of the year is associated with a stone used in jewelry. The birthstone guide is presented by Mediam Suisse. It is based on the National Jewelers Association’s “Jewelers of America” classification, which was created in 1912.

Birthstones Guide
Birthstones Guide

1. January: Garnet

Garnet represents vigor, loyalty, and truth. It was traditionally used to shield against evil energy. The January birthstone has rich hues ranging from reddish brown, crimson, pink, and purple to a bright orange known as “Mandarin” and remarkable greens such as the famed “Demantoid” or the grossular green known as “Tsavorite.”

Green and orange garnets (Fanta Color) or genuine Mozambique violets are highly valued stones that are highly regarded and coveted by collectors. Garnet promotes self-assurance, willpower, and success.

january garnet

2. February: Amethyst

The birthstone for February is connected with clairvoyance, wholeness, and truthfulness. Its gorgeous mauve shade entices with its tenderness, one-of-a-kindness, and elegance. Amethysts are sometimes derided since they are relatively common and frequently a little pale, but they can still display outstanding levels of color intensity and purity.

As a result, we may find them in these excellent grades at the world’s best jewelers. Furthermore, amethyst increases creativity and improves concentration. It has a well-deserved reputation as a tranquillizer.

3. March: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is named by the blue-green hues of the water that it reflects. As a result, it comes as no surprise that it protects sailors and boat travelers. It is a magnificent stone that comes from the same family as the Emerald, the Beryls, and its color can be very strong, similar to the Aquamarine known as “Santa-Maria.” The March birthstone is said to be soothing, purifying, and encouraging dialogue with others.

4. April: Diamond

The most valuable stone is related with April birthdays. This month also marks the beginning of the wedding season in Switzerland and internationally. The diamond, being a symbol of perfection, strength, and wisdom, is a safe pick for an engagement ring.

A natural diamond is, on average, 1.5 billion years old and is the hardest known stone! During the union of two beings, it represents fidelity and eternal love.

5. May: Emerald

May’s birthstone is an emerald, another expensive stone. Its green hue complements the rebirth of the greenery in the spring. Cleopatra’s favorite stone bestows righteousness, inner serenity, and comprehension. Emeralds with vibrant, long-lasting colors are frequently incorporated. As a result, they have what is known as “the Emerald Garden,” because these inclusions form a wonderful vegetation in the stone.

Colombian emeralds are the most well-known, although there are other superb specimens in Zambia, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. It also helps to build romantic, friendly, and family relationships.

may emerald

6. June: Alexandrite, Moonstone, and Cultured Pearl

June, unlike the other months of the year, features three birthstones. Succumb to alexandrite’s amazing color shifts depending on the light. Moonstone, on the other hand, is defined by its adularescence, an optical phenomenon that provides a slick reflection across its whole surface.

The pearl, on the other hand, is a calcareous concretion generated by a mollusc and not retrieved from a deposit. It has the peculiar property of being the consequence of “biomineralization.”

7. July: Ruby

Ruby is the seventh birthstone of the year, and it is associated with the month of July. Its bright color complements the summer season perfectly. Although magnificent specimens can be discovered in Mozambique, the undeniable star is the Burmese Ruby, with its blood red known as “Pigeon’s Blood.”

It is an incredibly rare stone, possibly the only one capable of competing in price with diamonds. This valuable stone provides the wearer with energizing and healing properties. It calms wrath and instills courage.

8. August: Peridot

Peridot is a lesser-known gem that comes in a wide range of green hues. This gem, known for its usual olive green with a faint yellow tinge, deserves to be used in jewelry. Above all, it is linked to spirituality. The birthstone for August would act on dreams and improve meditation. It gives you a sense of balance and inner tranquility.

august peridot

9. September: Sapphire

The sapphire, the September birthstone, is no longer available. It is associated with the qualities of truth, knowledge, and immortality. Its vivid blue remains unrivalled, but sapphire is also available in practically every color. The phrase “Sapphire” always refers to the color blue, whereas the other colors are said with the words “sapphire” + “its color”: yellow sapphire, purple sapphire, and so on, with the exception of red sapphire, which is called “Ruby.”

The Ruby does, in fact, belong to the same family as sapphires and colored sapphires, the Corundums, whose red variant reflects the well-known “Ruby.” The person who wears a sapphire-encrusted diamond stands out for his power and loyalty.

10. October: Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a relatively unknown stone that signifies the heart. It fosters creativity, tranquillity, and emotional well-being. Queen of color, it is expressed in a wide range of shades, some of which are high-value stones, such as Rubellite in the color of Ruby, blue-Cobalt, or the widely sought-after “Paraba” from Brazil, with a striking blue.

The “Paraba” in particular are scooped up at exorbitant prices! The October birthstone is capable of erasing all emotional wounds.

11. November: Citrine

The November birthstone is ideal for LGBT people. Citrine, in reality, represents the joy of living, achievement, and abundance. Its bright yellow shade is connected with brilliance and tone, making it ideal for brightening up winter.

Rather common, large stones pretty spectacular in realistic budgets can be found and thus have fun with a natural gem of quality. It protects you from negative ideas and vibes.

november citrine

12. December: Turquoise and Tanzanite

The last month of the year is related with two similar light blue stones. Tanzanite is a newly discovered gemstone that is extremely rare. The brilliance of its blue and purple reflections entices this outstanding jewel. Some Tanzanites also exhibit pure blues of unusual intensity, especially when heated.

This gem’s aura has been soaring for several years! It encourages good fortune in your life. Turquoise has been used in jewelry since antiquity. It is well-known for its therapeutic effects, as well as for increasing empathy and developing intuition.

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