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Different types of wedding ring styles

Numerous people, particularly Westerners, are unable to distinguish between an engagement ring and a wedding band when presented with them. When I tell you that it may be significant in both the meaning and the appearance of these two jewellery pieces, you will be shocked.

Typically, when men propose to their women, they choose an engagement ring that is more costly and features a larger diamond. It is a symbol of belonging to someone, even if you are not yet wedded to them.

However, the wedding ring is much more modest in appearance, and is often devoid of gems. It represents the couple’s commitment to one another for a lifetime. During the wedding ceremony, you will be able to exchange a variety of different styles of wedding rings. Let’s have a look at your possibilities.

Wedding ring styles

The Most Preferable Metal for Wedding Bands

When it comes time to purchase a wedding band, you should go for one made of a harder metal, such as expensive platinum, classic yellow gold, extravagant rose gold, exquisite white gold, or timelessly elegant silver, among others.

Whatever alternative you pick, be certain that the band matches the ring you are wearing as an engagement ring. The combination of a gold diamond ring and a silver wedding band may appear a little cheesy at first glance.

Previously, couples searched high and low for matching wedding and engagement rings. Modern males, on the other hand, frequently opt for trendy and long-lasting bands made of tungsten, titanium, palladium, or stainless steel.

In today’s world, couples are increasingly choosing wedding rings made of uncommon materials like as titanium carbide (a super strong ceramic) and corrosion-resistant zirconium. Whether you believe it or not, wedding bands made of wood are the latest fashion trend. Because the piece of wood is merged into the metal frame, they have a very exquisite appearance.

Types Of Wedding Rings

1. The Traditional Wedding Band

The traditional wedding ring is constructed of yellow gold in the majority of cases, although white gold and platinum versions are becoming increasingly fashionable these days. The classic metal band, which symbolises eternal love and loyalty, is still the preferred choice for the majority of couples.

The smooth, clean, and reflecting surface of the traditional plain wedding ring made of precious metals gives it a timeless appeal. Its surface features various finishes, and the most common include satin, matte, brushed, hammered, and textured.

A ring of this type has a traditional and attractive appearance. It is comfortable, will not interfere with everyday activities, and is compatible with the majority of current trends. It is also more cheap than a diamond-studded version.

In order to select the appropriate width for you, you will need to consider your own preferences. In most jewelry shops, you can find models ranging from 0.08 to 0.3 inches (2 – 8 mm), so you can pick out the desired model depending on your preferences.

The choice of thinner engagement ring bands is more easy and comfortable when your engagement ring is huge and wide. If you combine them in the right way, you will have an eye-catching and exquisite combination. The typical gold wedding band will cost you between $70 and $250, while the average platinum wedding ring will cost you between $500 and $1,500.

the traditional wedding band


2. Eternity Wedding Band

This model has been extremely popular for many years because of its beauty and evident meaning. It is normally set with diamonds around the whole circumference of the band, but you can choose for a half-eternity ring if it is more your style instead. In addition to diamonds, other gemstones can be used to create a diamond-free replica.

The most common diamond cut is the classy round cut, although modern versions can include a variety of alternative shapes as well. Some jewellers employ a variety of settings, such as prongs, pave diamonds, or channel diamonds, to place the diamonds.

Consider your options carefully while selecting this ring, as it is frequently hard to resize it after purchase. In addition, it might be inconvenient to use. The usual cost of such a band is between $5,000 and $25,000, depending on its size. However, the size of the diamond and the metal from which the ring is constructed will determine the price.

eternity wedding band

3. Channel Wedding Band

It is essentially a princess cut diamond variant on the traditional eternal wedding ring design. Because the diamonds are set in a channel below the surface level of the ring, it is more practical and secure to wear than other types of rings.

4. Pave Wedding Band

The pave setting consists of a metal band with a line of jewels running down the middle of the wedding ring on half of the ring. The majority of models are set with diamonds, but you may also select a model that is set with other jewels or a combination of the two.

There are two basic varieties of this setting, which are as follows:

  • On this scenario, diamonds are placed in a circular base, reducing the amount of visible metal on the band. Scalloped pave diamond band – The shine and brightness of the diamond are enhanced as a result of this design.
  • French pave diamond band – The diamond setting is made the way that maximizes their sparkle, primarily thanks to the V shape precious metal creates.
  • The usual price for this sort of diamond ring is between $700 and $1,500. The total cost will be determined by the gemstones that you select.

pave wedding band

5. 5-Stone Wedding Band

The ring made of yellow or rose gold and embellished with five diamonds or other stones is a classy and one-of-a-kind option that you should think about. Because all of the jewels are the same size, it seems to be a half-eternity ring. It is the stones that are more noticeable and bigger in this example that distinguish it from the previous occurrence.

There are a few of distinct interpretations for this band type. As a result, the five stones can signify the following:

  • Between partners, there should be love, trust, empathy, commitment, and effective communication.
  • Eternal love
  • The first five years of marriage are quite important.
  • Personal symbols

The biggest downside of this option is the extremely inconvenient requirement of turning the ring when it spins in the wrong direction. Furthermore, huge stones might cause injury to your finger in such circumstances.

6. Infinity Wedding Band

The infinity sign, which has been around since the mid-1600s, is represented by a succession of eights arranged in a circle. It depicts a never-ending line, and you can find it in a variety of forms and patterns to suit your needs. Eights can be fashioned of gold or can be set with diamonds, according on your choices, wants, and financial constraints.

infinity wedding band

7. Twisted Wedding Band

It is a striking contemporary ring composed of two twisted metal bands that are twisted together to make an appealing curving shape. It represents the union of two individuals who will be together for the rest of their lives.

You have the option of selecting two identical bands or two bands that are made of various metals, colours, and embellishments. In one of the most popular designs, one ring is simple gold, while the other is set with diamonds or other jewels.

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