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Engagements Ring Guide

With over twenty-five years of experience in the jewelry industry, I’ve assisted hundreds of couples in finding jewelry that they would cherish and wear on their ring finger for many years to come. Some needed only a couple of days to choose, while others took many weeks.

I’ve put up an engagement ring buying guide to assist you in making your decision. Also, the most important points to be considered while purchasing an engagement ring are mentioned below!

Engagement Rings Guide


Make an informed decision about your metal. Platinum is the most suitable metal for engagement rings since it is the most durable of the white metals, does not scratch as easily, and will keep its noble grey tone indefinitely. White gold is more economical, but the ring will need to be re-plated with rhodium around every two years if it is made of this metal.

Palladium, a metal that is connected to platinum, is a rising star in the world of jewelry. In addition to being stronger and lighter than platinum, rhodium is also more scratch resistant, which will assist to extend the life of the jewelry piece. However, because palladium is no longer widely used in jewelry making, obtaining a ring like this might be difficult.

If you do decide to purchase gold rings, it is recommended to go with 375 gold instead of 750. Although the alloy 375 has less pure metal, it is significantly stronger. Due to the softness of the metal and the fact that it wears rather quickly, silver is not recommended for engagement rings.

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Metal color

Despite the fact that yellow gold is the most popular choice for males, red gold is becoming increasingly fashionable. The advantage of red gold is that it complements all skin tones, whereas yellow gold complements tan or olive skin tones the best. As a result, eight out of ten couples prefer white metal since it is contemporary and has a neutral tint.


Engagement ring shape

There are many other types of rings, but the two most popular are convex (flat on the inside and convex on the outside) and flat on both sides (flat on the inside and outside). The first version is thought to be more classical, whilst the second is believed to be more contemporary.

There are also other, less frequent types that are appropriate for people who wish to stand out from the crowd. In the center of the engagement ring is commonly a curve, which appeals to many women who wear engagement rings. This camber surrounds the central diamond of the engagement ring, with the two elements working together to form a seamless whole that fits like a glove on the finger.

Traditional or unusual ring?

While it is important to stand out, it is important to remember that engagement rings are not meant to be worn for self-expression, but rather as a sign of the love and dedication shared by two people. Feelings are not susceptible to the dictates of fashion.

Depending on how long you have had the artwork, your preferences may evolve, and you may come to regret purchasing it. Despite this, there are some unique pieces that may serve as a wonderful alternative to the conventional engagement ring – you can select from classic or avant-garde jewelry designs as a terrific alternative to the traditional engagement ring.

traditional or unusual ring

Gemstones- Yes or no?

It is not all gemstones that are appropriate for everyday use. If you want a ring with stones; diamonds, rubies or sapphires are recommended as they are the most durable. The emerald is one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world. Unfortunately, wearing it every day is impractical: it is fragile and can crack if accidentally hit.

Stones around the ring?

The size of the finger changes over time, so the owners of rings with precious stones around the circle sometimes have difficulties – in order to change such a ring even by one size, you will have to redo its entire structure. Purchase a ring with valuable inserts in half or three quarters of the surface area: it will appear as if it is totally covered with stones, and working with it in the future will not be difficult for a jeweler to achieve the desired effect.

Apart from that, you may select an edged ring that has a single stone or numerous diamonds on it – this is a wonderful modern rendition of an elegant traditional piece of jewelry that you will love.

Ring size

The majority of the time, when it comes to purchasing engagement rings, ladies already know what size they want, while men aren’t always sure which one to select. If the ring slips on easily and then gets a bit caught in the area of the knuckle when you take it off, this is the size for you.

Remember to check that you have been at room temperature for a suitable period of time before proceeding with the measurement of the rings. Since the fingers swell in the summer due to the heat, and in the winter, on the contrary, they shrink from the cold, you risk choosing the wrong size.

ring size

Time to search

No matter how simple the selection of engagement rings appears to be to you, do not put it off until the last minute. Even if you know exactly what you want, finding it can be a challenging task. I generally recommend that you begin your search at least 2-2.5 months before the engagement.

As a result, you will spare yourself from unneeded worry and will be able to select this crucial piece of jewelry with confidence and joy.

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